Vortrag Prof. Alexander Waibel


„Intelligence Systems and a Language Transparent World"

Am 18.01.19 besuchte Prof. Alexander Waibel die MSRM und hielt einen detaillierten Vortrag zum Thema „Intelligence Systems and a Language Transparent World". Prof. Waibel ist einer der weltweit führenden Experten in den Bereichen Spracherkennung und Übersetzung sowie menschliche Kommunikationsmethoden.

After centuries of separation and misunderstandings, we are lucky to be living in the generation that can see an end to language/cultural barriers between the peoples of our planet. AI, specifically: automatic recognition, translation and understanding of language in all its forms (text, speech, images, tactile, body, emotion,…) is now becoming possible and ubiquitous on the internet, making it feasible for all of us to operate and communicate in any country, language, mode and situation. The key to these advances has been machine learning combined with an exponential growth in computing and language data. After dismissing it as impossible just a few decades ago, we are now seeing speech and language systems that approach/exceed human performance. Is the problem solved? Will it replace human translators, interpreters, and other knowledge workers? In our view, a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines is more likely and more desirable. In this spirit, our systems are designed to support and augment human communication and abilities.

In my talk, I will discuss systems we have designed and deployed to overcome language and communication barriers, including:

  • Interpreting Smartphones for tourists, healthcare and relief workers
  • Communicators on tablets in Humanitarian and Government Missions
  • Road sign interpreters that translate road signs while traveling abroad
  • Multimodal interpretation of human meta-communication (emotion, gaze..)
  • Multilingual subtitling and translation of TV broadcasts
  • Automatic Interpretation of lectures for foreign students
  • Symbiotic human & machine interpreters at the European Parliament
  • Translation of silent speech I will review the technology, algorithmic advances, progress in performance and usability, and discuss remaining scientific challenges.

Dr. Alexander Waibel ist Professor für Informatik an der Carnegie Mellon University (USA) und am Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Deutschland) sowie Direktor des International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies. Waibel ist international bekannt für seine Arbeiten zu KI, Machine Learning, Multimodal Interfaces und Sprachübersetzungssystemen. Er und sein Team entwickelten das TDNN, das erste Shift-invariante "Convolutional" Neural Network, frühe multimodale Schnittstellen und die ersten Sprachübersetzungs- und Simultandolmetschsysteme. Waibel ist Mitglied der Deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina und Fellow des IEEE. Er erhielt die Abschlüsse BS, MS und PhD vom MIT bzw. CMU (Carnegie Mellon Universität).