Get more out of your doctoral education!

If your doctoral research is related to robotics and machine intelligence, a new opportunity to beef up your doctoral education has just appeared!

The Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI) brings together researchers across the TUM-schools and is the gateway to the international community. Mirmi proposes a new Graduate Program specially tailored to widen your knowledge and expertise.  This program can be used to partially fulfil the requirements at the Graduate Center of your School.

Registration starts 16th of October 2023

Want to know more? Attend the information get-together (free drinks and pizzas!) on Friday 20th of October 2023, 4:30 pm. Location:Georg-Brauchle-Ring 58, 80992 München (Ground floor, Room M01)

MIRMI Graduate Programm

Brief Intro

The Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI) doctoral program aims at providing a framework for doctoral candidates (DCs) at the Technical University of Munich with training that specifically focuses on important aspects in robotic and machine intelligence, both for theoretical and practical aspects. Fulfilling the requirements for the graduate program will be accounted for the fulfillment of the mandatory qualification program of TUM graduate centers, e.g., Graduate Center of the School of Computation, Information and Technology (CIT) and of the School Engineering and Design (ED).


  • All administration is, as for any doctoral candidate, done over the DocGS system of their respective graduate schools
  • Doctoral candidate who want some of their activities registered on their DocGS account to be counted as part of the GP-MIRMI, should include [MIRMI] at the end of the title of the registered activity on Doc GS.

Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel J Rixen
  • Prof. Dr. David Franklin
  • Dr.-Ing. Abdalla Swikir

Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Diepold
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Ryll
  • Prof. Dr. Ruth Müller
  • Prof. Dr. Angela Schoelling
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Zimmermann
  • Dr.-Ing. M. Ali Nasseri
  • Ms. Theresa Prinz (representatives of DCs)
  • Mr. Furkan Kaynar (representatives of DCs)

Doctoral candidates

For researchers to be admitted to the MIRMI program, they should be

  • TUM doctoral candidates
  • Supervised by a MIRMI PI, or have a mentor that is a MIRMI PI

To register in the Graduate Program of MIRMI, a short request must be submitted (over a web-based form). Information can be obtained at

Training program

  • International experience and exchange
  • Strengthening scientific networks and collaboration across projects
  • Developing skills specific to Robotics for concerning ethical and social aspects of robotics, patenting, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary communication and collaboration
Training Module Examples Hours
International/Industrial Field Training 2 months (minimum) stay at a foreign research institution, industry, clinics, or start-up (in special cases, can be fulfilled in Germany).  
Scientific outreach Presenting at least once (presentations, posters) at scientific conferences.  
Subject Related Training ● Subject-related seminars. Master courses, Doctoral courses.
● Int. summer school and workshop.
Active participation once in annual MIRMI Forum
Seminar series MIRMI Seminar series “Making an impact in robotics and machine intelligence” 10+
MIRMI’s Scientific Clubs Journal clubs, Hackathon/Robothon, Workshops, Demos. 20+