Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sami Haddadin

Ph.D. Hamid Sadeghian

Ph.D Fan Wu
Anselm Nicklas

Duration: 3 years (June  2019 - Dec 2022)
Scientific Partner: 

Fraunhofer IlS/EAS

ifak Magdeburg

TU Dresden

Funded by: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung


Distributed emergent control in self-organizing smart machines (IoT) using agil collaborating systems

Currently, the collaboration of IoT is mainly controlled by a central management system. Due to networking and complexity there is a high risk of failure. The goal of Veritas is to significantly simplify the design and operation of these machines  and to increase the resilience of distributed systems. Veritas thus provides the basis for the design and operation of autonomous, self-organizing and dynamically collaborating machines in production, which form the basis of a Smart Factory. The following solutions for these restrictions are possible: 

  • Self-organization and emergent collaboration of IoT devices
  • Increased resilience of distributed applications to temporary networking limitations between IoT devices
  • Co-design and co-management of the distributed application with the networking system

Veritas will therefore explore architectures, methods and design principles for self-organization and dynamic aggregation and disaggregation of distributed IoT devices and their SW modules, including the variable performance and management of the heterogeneous networking system used. Thus the risk of failure caused by the complex and networked central management is decisively reduced. Parallel to the research it is planned to demonstrate the VERITAS solution principles on a practical demonstrator in the production to prove their functionality.