euROBIN- European ROBotics and AI Network

Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin

Dr.-Ing. Abdalla Swikir -  Senior Scientist (Project Leader)

Dr. Hoan Le

Ms. Peter So

Duration: 4 Years
Funded by: EU, Horizon Europe Framework Programme


The euROBIN project is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at expanding the capabilities of robots to handle various tasks in unstructured environments by facilitating the transfer of skills and software. The project leverages the expertise of Europe's leading robotics and AI researchers to focus on four main areas: enhancing physical interaction, implementing machine learning, enabling abstract knowledge representation, and ensuring a human-centric design. The project aims to demonstrate its scientific outcomes through applications in three pivotal domains that have the potential for substantial impacts on industry, innovation, and society in Europe. These include robotic manufacturing for a circular economy, personal robots for improved quality of life, and outdoor robots for sustainable communities, with progress measured through collaborative competitions. As a cornerstone of its strategy, euROBIN will establish a sustainable network of excellence to promote exchange and inclusion. The EuroCore repository, a key component of this network, is set to become a central platform for exchanging software, data, and knowledge within the European robotics scene. Ultimately, euROBIN envisions a European robot ecosystem where robots share data and knowledge, harnessing their diversity to collectively learn and execute a wide range of tasks in human environments.