Prof. Lorenzo Masia (Heidelberg University) talks on Exosuits at TUM-MIRMI

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Although Exosuits initially promised tangible improvements, their soft and wearable architecture presents substantial drawbacks, placing this technology more in a complementary position than on a higher step of the podium with respect to its predecessors. Prof. Masia will introduce the progress on soft wearable exosuits for assistance and augmentation, by presenting novel solutions on mechanical design, a novel implementation of control strategies based on machine learning and artificial vision to master the exosuits’ non-linear behaviors, improving flexibility and controlling such devices symbiotically.

Enhancing Human-Machine Synergy in Soft Wearable Robotics (Exosuits): Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Control Strategies for Augmented Performance and Rehabilitation
Prof. Lorenzo Masia (University of Heidelberg) | TUM-Robotics Talks | 11. May. 2023, 16:30 – 17:30 CEST

Location: MW 2050, Zeichen-/Hörsaal. Boltzmannstr. 15, 2.OG, 85748 Garching b. München. See map

Lorenzo Masia graduated in Mechanical Engineering at “Sapienza” University of Rome and accomplished his PhD in “Mechanical Measurement for Engineering” at the University of Padua. He started his path in robotics spending two years as Researcher at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (from Jan- 2005 to Dec 2006) working at the Newman Lab for Biomechanics and Human Rehabilitation. He was then Team Leader at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department and he started his academic path as Assistant Professor at the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore (2013-2018). He was Associate Professor in Biodesign at the Department of Biomechanical Engineering of the University of Twente (The Netherlands) from June 2018 to March 2019. Now, since April 2019, He is Full Professor in Biorobotics & Medical Technology at Heidelberg University (Germany) at the Institute of Computer Engineering or Institut für Technische Informatik (ZITI), leading the ARIES Lab (Assistive Robotics and Interactive ExoSuits). Prof Masia and his team were awarded multiple times in leading conferences in Biorobotics and Robotic Rehabilitation. Honors include two IEEE Best Paper Awards (IEEE ICORR2011 and IEEE BIOROB 2022), two IEEE Best Student Paper Awards (IEEE ICORR2015 and IEEE Biorob2016), and one best presentation award at IEEE BIOROB 2020. Additionally, Prof. Masia will be General Chair for IEEE BIOROB 2024 the leading conference in Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics hosted in Heidelberg.


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