INTERNET WORLD EXPO the commerce e-xperience


MSRM presents its research at the INTERNET WORLD EXPO

The EXPO took place from 12th to 13th of March in Munich and MSRM was invited to present their research. The trade fair is mainly for e-commerce managers and online shop operators. IT security companies were also on display at the fair.

As shown at the previous Digitizing Europe Summit in Berlin, the MSRM presents its research in machine learning for robots and robot collectives by connecting one robot at the location in Berlin to a cloud of robots at the MSRM labs in Munich. These robots could then learn together to solve a manipulation task such as inserting a key into a lock. Moreover, they could be directly connected and controlled as a swarm via telepresence.

Furthermore Prof. Dr. Haddadin gave a keynote about „Robotik und Künstliche Intelligenz“ during the event.
His presentation was recorded and can be watched by clicking on the link below (min 1:45).