Senior Scientist

[1] Naceri, A., Mazzanti, D., Tefera, T. Y., Bimbo, J., Prattichizzo, D., Darwin, G. C.,Mattos, S. L., Deshpande, N. (2021). “The Vicarios Virtual Reality Interface for Remote Robotic Teleoperation.” Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems. vol. 101, Issue 4, pp. 1-16.

[2] Naceri, A., Schumacher, T., Li, Q., Calinon, S., and Ritter, H.  (2021). "Learning Optimal Impedance Control During Complex 3D Arm Movements," in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 1248-1255.

[3] Laffranchi, M., Boccardo, N., Traverso, S., Lombardi, L., Canepa, M., Lince, A., Semprini, M., Saglia, J., Naceri, A., Gruppioni, E., Sacchetti, R., De Michieli, L.(2020). “The Hannes hand prosthesis replicates the key biological properties of thehuman hand.” Science Robotics. vol. 5, Issue 46, pp. 1-15.

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Work Experience

  • [02/2021 to date] - Senior Research Scientist at Munich School for Robotics and System Intelligence, TUM
  • [02.2018 - 01.2021] - Senior PostDoc, Department of advanced robotics (ADVR), Italian institute of Technology
  • [10.2011 - 01.2018] - PostDoc Department of Cognitive Neuroscience & Department of Neuroinformatics (CITEC), Bielefeld University


  • PhD degree in Robotics & Neurosciences, University of Genoa, Italy
  • M.Sc. degree in Control systems,University of Constantine, Algeria
  • Eng. degree n Electronics and Electrical Engineering,University of Constantine, Algeria

Coordinating research projects for MIRMI:

Service Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction: Cognition, Perception and Interaction.

Area of Expertise

  • Human and robot hands
  • Grasping and manipulation
  • Impedance control  learning during grasping and arm movements
  • Perception and action in virtual reality 
  • VR 3D user interface for teleoperation