SAM - Secure Autonomous Mobile Robot

Supervision: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin

Abdalla Swikir - Lead researcher

Mehmet Can Yildirim


Franka Emika



Duration 2 years (03.2019 - 03.2021)
Funding: Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs


The overall goal of this research project is to develop a novel mobile robot assistant. It is designed as an extensible multifunction platform for a wide range of transport and service tasks. The project focuses on two innovative core topics:

  • Robust locomotion on various uneven surfaces
  • Effortless usability and interaction with people in dynamic environments

The motivation of these topics is above all the potential use of the robot in as many areas of the economy and public life as possible. The idea is that everyone can operate the robot, use it, and simply teach it to perform tasks. Challenges in security, physical interaction, intuitive usability, and learning ability have to be overcome.

Explicitly, this project will find innovative solutions to the following functional challenges:

  1. Intuitive and easy interaction with mobile robots
  2. Networking and cooperation of various robots and sensor systems
  3. Accurate indoor mapping and localization
  4. Intelligent and autonomous navigation and path planning in dynamic environments
  5. Physical and cognitive human-robot interaction and collaboration with mobile robots
  6. Learning ability of the mobile system
  7. Detecting and tracking people
  8. Mobility over obstacles and ramps