Auf YouTube: Seminarvortrag Prof. Achim Lilienthal


“Mobile Systems for Air Pollution Monitoring at Different Scales and Levels of Autonomy”

Die Vorlesung auf YouTube

Am 22. Januar 2020 hält Prof. Achim Lilienthal einen Vortrag zum Thema "Mobile Systems for Air Pollution Monitoring at Different Scales and Levels of Autonomy" (10:00-11:30 Uhr) in der MSRM Lecture Hall in der Heßstraße 134. Prof. Lilienthal ist Head of Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab at Örebro University (Sweden).

Abstract: In this talk, I will present recent examples of air pollution monitoring systems that integrate mobile sensing units. The presentation will be structured along two major dimensions: scale and autonomy. Examples discussed range from

  • urban scale scenarios with passively transported sensors (mounted, e.g., on Google Street View cars) to measure traffic air pollution (including pollutants, namely NOx, that are currently at the centre of a heated debate in Germany); over
  • partially autonomous heterogeneous mobile/stationary sensor networks for indoor monitoring of particulate matter in heavy industries; to
  • fully autonomous robots to identify sources of methane in areas of limited size.

At the end of the presentation I will briefly mention ongoing work and discuss directions for future work.
Biography: Prof. Achim J. Lilienthal is head of the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab at Örebro University, Sweden. His research interests are mobile robot olfaction, rich 3D perception, navigation of autonomous transport robots, human robot interaction and mathematics education research. Achim Lilienthal obtained his Ph.D. in computer science from Tübingen University, Germany and his M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Konstanz, Germany. The Ph.D. thesis addresses gas distribution mapping and gas source localisation with mobile robots. The M.Sc. thesis is concerned with structure analysis of C60 clusters using gas phase ion chromatography.


Prof. Achim Lilienthal

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