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Digitizing Europe Summit


MSRM presents its research at the Digitizing Europe Summit in Berlin.

Copyright by Vodafone Institut/TRIAD
Copyright by Vodafone Institut/TRIAD

The Digitizing Europe Summit took place on the 19th of February and brought together influential people from politics, research and industry to discuss the state of digitization in europe as well as new ideas and trends.

The MSRM presents its research in machine learning for robots and robot collectives by connecting one robot at the location in Berlin to a cloud of robots at the MSRM labs in Munich. These robots could then learn together to solve a manipulation task such as inserting a key into a lock. Moreover, they could be directly connected and controlled as a swarm via telepresence.

Prof. Sami Haddadin gave a keynote about the role of robotics as tools in the digital world. Other speakers included Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vodafone GmbH CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.

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