Forschungsgipfel 2019


MSRM presents its research at the Research Summit 2019 in Berlin

MSRM at the Inner Circle 3 of Forschungsgipfel 2019

The Forschungsgipfel 2019 was held on March 19th at the Allianz Forum, Berlin, where several high-level leaders, experts and new professionals within the scientific, industrial, civil and political community gathered to debate about one of the most trending topics around the globe: Artificial Intelligence (AI). The following questions were addressed: What is AI capable to do today? On which ethical principles should its development be based? Is Germany in the best possible position in the development and use of AI? How can Germany and Europe participate in the further development of AI and how can AI ensure sustainable added value? Prof. Sami Haddadin gave a keynote presentation as part of the Inner Circle 3, where the application level of AI in large companies and SMEs was debated. You can see the complete presentation and discussion here