On the one hand, seeing the capabilities of humans, on the other hand, using the strengths of robots: That is the goal of PhD student Riddhiman Laha at the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI).

After two years online, Jugend forscht, Germany's science competition for young talent, is back live. This week, at the regional Jugend forscht München West competition organized by MIRMI, Franka Emika and the Robokind Foundation, 63 young scientists presented 44 exciting and innovative research projects in the seven thematic areas of Jugend forscht, Working world, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/Computer Science, Physics, Technology and, for the first time this year, Earth and space sciences.

In a new research laboratory at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the Deutsches Museum, humans and robots are working closely together. The goal of the KI.Fabrik flagship project is to develop flexible, learning-enabled robots that support people in their work with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

When humans meet robots, many people feel uncomfortable. That is why researcher Maximilian Braun from the TUM School of Social Science and Technology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and his colleagues are working on a data recorder that anonymously records how humans and robots interact.

Preventing accidents by computing impending collisions of drones or cars: that is the goal of Darius Burschka. The professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) tracks every point in images generated by cameras carried by flying drones or cars on the road. In principle he applies the “constant bearing” technique traditionally used by navigators at sea.

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Impressive news! Prof. Jia Chen will receive one of the internationally highly regarded ERC Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council (ERC) for 2022. Her research project CoSense4Climate will be funded for a period of up to five years with up to 2 million euros.

With great joy, we announce to you that Prof. Angela Schoellig was appointed a new member of the MIRMI Board of Directors by the TUM Hochschulpräsidium. As a director, she will steer topics related to Industry and International. Angela is not only an excellent researcher (Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Artificial Intelligence) but also has a unique international perspective from her research experiences in the USA, Switzerland, Canada, and Germany. Welcome, Angela!

BR Münchner Runde - 25.01.2023. Robots in factories, in the hospitality industry, in care. In addition, almost omniscient chat programs that turn everyday school life upside down. How is artificial intelligence changing our lives?

Are robots stupid or do they save the world? Answers to these and many other exciting questions you get today, 25.01. at 18:00 clock in our YT live chat round at Terra X plus from the robotics expert Prof. Sami Haddadin from the TU Munich. Also in the studio is the robot GARMI, co-developed by Sami Haddadin.