Our lighthouse projects in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

ONE MUNICH: Human Centered Robotics (HCR)

ONE MUNICH - Human Centered Robotics (HCR): Developing robotics for applications in the health sector.

Digital Heart Surgery

The Digital Heart Surgery: Improving diagnosis and therapy of heart diseases. Using innovations from robotics to find new insights for the treatment of heart disease: The Digital Heart Surgery lighthouse project, in which the German Heart Institute Munich is involved alongside MIRMI, started in 2019 with this goal.


To enable the elderly and people in need of care to live independently for as long as possible with the help of robotics, mechatronics and artificial intelligence: Since 2018, a team of scientists and industry partners from the Technical University of Munich has been working on this goal.


The focus of tomorrow's manufacturing is not on large quantities, but on the vision of batch size 1. The technological basis for this is being researched in the lighthouse project KI.FABRIK BAYERN.


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IROS 2023 in Detroit: MIRMI Represented with 38 Papers and five Workshops

MIRMI researchers’ contributions to “The Next Generation of Robotics”, the theme of IROS 2023, are broad. At this year's Robotics Forum, 18 MIRMI Principal Investigators and their teams are organizing five workshops and presenting 38 research papers.…

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Prototype in Environmental Mission: MIRMI Develops Mobile Robot Hub

Fast 5G connectivity, high-performance computing, and versatile applications – on land, in the air, and in water: The Synchronous Team-Robot Van (SVAN) combines state-of-the-art robotics technology for active environmental protection. From a…

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Microrobots for the study of cells

A group of researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed the world’s first microrobot (“microbot”) capable of navigating within groups of cells and stimulating individual cells. Berna Özkale Edelmann, a professor of Nano- and…

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What is MIRMI?

The Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI) is one of TUM’s Integrative Research Institutes (IRI). The institute’s goal is to research the fundamentals of robotics, perception, and artificial intelligence to develop human-centered, innovative, and sustainable technological solutions for the central challenges of our time in the sectors of health, work, environment, and mobility. To make this possible, MIRMI bundles the expertise of more than 60 professors from various disciplines, including engineering, computer science, life sciences, medicine, and social sciences.

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