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Become a MIRMI Corporate Partner

  • Access a talent pool of skilled robotics and AI professionals
  • Gain access to breaktrough technologies and methodologies! 
  • Contribute to solving grand societal challenges!
  • Identify and pursue new market opportunities! 
  • Collaborate with MIRMI's top researchers! 
  • Explore new growth opportunities 
  • Showcase joint achievements to differentiate from competitiors! 

Why become partner at MIRMI?

Munich (Bavaria) offers an exciting environment for engineers and startups in robotics. The region is home to world-class research institutions, a thriving industrial landscape, and a supportive ecosystem  encouraging innovation. With its exceptional infrastructure, highly skilled workforce, and solid technological emphasis, Munich and Bavaria are fertile ground for robotics ventures to flourish. Partnering with an integrative research institute like MIRMI offers companies a unique opportunity to access cutting-edge research, collaborate with top talent, commercialize innovative technologies, enhance the brand reputation, and shape the industry's future. 


What are the benefits to become a partner?

What is MIRMI?

As an integrative research institute affiliated with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI/TUM) strives to bridge the gaps between various fields. MIRMI develops breakthrough methods and technologies for solving the grand societal challenges of our time. We focus on the future of the environment, work, health, and mobility by disrupting the boundaries in robotics, perception, and artificial intelligence. Learn more



The Munich Institute for Robotics and Machine Intelligence MIRMI offers a unique research infrastructure through research and teaching laboratories. In the laboratories, researchers develop solution-oriented approaches in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, perception, health, work, mobility and the environment with a focus on people. Several laboratories are located on Hessstrasse in Maxvorstadt, Munich and others in the alpine town of Garmisch. 

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