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IROS 2023: Robot safely avoids collisions

When doctoral candidate Moritz Eckhoff from the Chair of Robotics and Systems Intelligence at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) lets robots move, they already have an image of their surroundings, accurate to the centimeter, in mind. This is how he avoids collisions.

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IROS 2023: Predicting Human Movement

Researchers at MIRMI together with colleagues from Bosch Corporate Research, Aalto University and Örebro University demonstrated how historical movement data stored as 'Maps of Dynamics-informed Long-term Human Motion Prediction' can be used to predict where people will move with much greater reliability than before. The concept of was introduced at the IROS conference yesterday.

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IROS 2023 in Detroit: MIRMI Represented with 38 Papers and five Workshops

MIRMI researchers’ contributions to “The Next Generation of Robotics”, the theme of IROS 2023, are broad. At this year's Robotics Forum, 18 MIRMI Principal Investigators and their teams are organizing five workshops and presenting 38 research papers. A comprehensive list of these papers and workshops is available here.

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Prototype in Environmental Mission: MIRMI Develops Mobile Robot Hub

Fast 5G connectivity, high-performance computing, and versatile applications – on land, in the air, and in water: The Synchronous Team-Robot Van (SVAN) combines state-of-the-art robotics technology for active environmental protection. From a networked drone to a land robot with a gripper arm and an underwater robot with a gripper. These provided robots can be easily controlled from anywhere in the world.

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Technology Hyundai and TU Munich cooperate

"The list of possible applications is long and ranges from detecting environmental pollution to investigating mined or contaminated regions. The vehicle, called SVAN, is a robot hub, charging station, data center and command post all in one."

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Microrobots for the study of cells

A group of researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed the world’s first microrobot (“microbot”) capable of navigating within groups of cells and stimulating individual cells. Berna Özkale Edelmann, a professor of Nano- and Microrobotics, sees potential for new treatments of human diseases.

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MIRMI member Prof. Kristen Kozielski receives ERC Starting Grant

Nine talented researchers at TUM have been awarded ERC Starting Grants from the European Research Council (ERC) this year. One of them was MIRMI member Prof. Kristen Kozielski. The EU provides this financial support to scientists who are at an early stage in their careers. A group of high-ranking experts selected the winners among the groundbreaking research projects submitted by the scientists. An ERC Proof of Concept Grant was also awarded.


Prof. Markus Ryll - Unlocking the Power and Applications of Quadrotor Technology - Podcast

When will deliveries be performed by drones? What are the application fields of UAVs? How to ensure safe and reliable autonomous multirotor flight? Find out why working with quadrotors is so interesting and offers many benefits in this Podcast episode with Prof. Markus Ryll.

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Pinakothek der Moderne: Exhibition AI.Robotik.Design lives on in the net

The exhibition AI.Robotik.Design at the Pinakothek der Moderne has recently come to an end. Now we show pictures from the unique exhibition and resurrect it.

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Universal tool for safe robot control

A team of MIRMI scientists have developed the generalized Safe Motion Unit (gSMU) as a comprehensive tool for safe pre-collision control of almost all robots. Their novel safety approach benefits from a modular scalable approach for obtaining the whole-body dynamics in a lego-like fashion. Questions to scientist Mazin Hamad.