The future of health

Developing the next generation of robots that can work in healthcare requires medical professionals, academia, and partners from industry to work together. Medical professionals foresee the most pressing needs of their sector, while the partners with academic and engineering background can harness and drive innovative technological developments. Together they can design futuristic solutions. However, to put these solutions into action, the safety of new technologies must be tested, validated, and certified. Companies, whether they are startups or well-established organizations, have the resources to turn these futuristic solutions into certified and marketable products.

Our vision

MIRMI is beginning to bring together different professorships at TUM in the field of healthcare robotics and machine intelligence so that together they can undertake initiatives with the collaboration of key players such as medical professionals and companies.

With our work, we want to propose solutions to societal challenges such as the aging population, chronic diseases, traumas, personalized medicine, shortage of health care professionals, economization, and pandemics. Our vision is to:

  • Build up a training center for medical robotics and AI.
  • Enhance cross-disciplinary training & education. Bring robotics and AI into the education of medical students & awareness for medical requirements to engineers.
  • Create a link between all players in technology and the hospital.

The research focus of the health sector at MIRMI evolves around scientific grand challenges such as digitalization & automation, Aware Operating Room (OR), surgical data science, multi-modal imaging, Advanced Visualization (AR/VR), assistive robotics, intelligent prosthetics, brain-computer interfaces, ethics in medical robotics and AI, and manipulation, teleoperation, and remote haptic interaction. These are our current Focus Groups and Lighthouse Initiatives.

Focus Groups

Human Digital Twin

Supporting individualized medical decisions


The bridge between Humans and Machines

Lighthouse Initiatives


Maintain mobility and independence for as long as possible.

AI Heart Center

Setting up a center for the future of health in Munich.

Contact for Academic Cooperation