CYBATHLON 2024 (ETH Zürich)


CYBATHLON, initiated by ETH Zurich, is a global initiative that encourages teams worldwide to create assistive technologies for individuals with disabilities. It organizes international competitions where teams, consisting of technology developers and people with disabilities, tackle everyday tasks using the latest assistive technologies. These tasks include activities like tying shoelaces with a robotic arm prosthesis and navigating uneven terrain with an exoskeleton.

CYBATHLON 2024 (ETH Zürich) |  25-27. October 2024

Location: Arena Schluefweg, Schluefweg 10, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland. See map

Important Deadlines

31 March 2024

30 April 2024  

31 May 2024      

30 June 2024    

19 August 2024      

30 September 2024    

Deadline for Online Team Registration

Deadline for Full Payment of Starting Slot Fee

Deadline for Pilot MedCheck 1

Deadline for Pilot MedCheck 2

Deadline for Device TecCheck 1

Deadline for Device TecCheck 2

CYBATHLON 2024 is open to diverse teams, including those from universities, research institutions, startups, and industry professionals, as well as individuals with a passion for advancing assistive technology. It provides a platform for innovation and collaboration. The competition will be held in a decentralized format, with the main venue at Arena Schluefweg in Kloten, Switzerland, and local hubs worldwide. Teams can choose to compete at the main Zurich hub or set up their own local team hub for remote participation.

Participation requirements include:

  • Team Composition: Each team consists of a technology provider (researcher, student, company representative) and a pilot (person with a disability). A team manager oversees the team. Institutions can register multiple teams in the same discipline.
  • Pilot Eligibility: Pilots must be at least 18 years old, meet discipline-specific criteria, have cognitive and communicative abilities to understand rules, and pass a medical check (MedCheck). Teams can register a main pilot and a backup pilot.
  • Assistive Technology: Teams can use commercial devices, modified versions, prototypes, or research devices. Implantable assistive devices are also eligible but must be safe for the pilot and surroundings, passing a TecCheck.

The competition tasks simulate daily activities and consist of different tasks:

  1. ARM - Arm Prosthesis Race
  2. ROB - Assistance Robot Race
  3. VIS - Vision Assistance Race
  4. BCI - Brain-Computer Interface Race
  5. EXO - Exoskeleton Race
  6. FES - Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race
  7. LEG - Leg Prosthesis Race
  8. WHL - Wheelchair Race

Teams can choose which tasks to focus on, and it's not mandatory to complete all tasks to participate. The competition infrastructure is standardized to ensure equal conditions for all teams, and teams will have access to relevant documents and CAD files. Each discipline has 20 starting slots, with a total of 160 pilots in CYBATHLON 2024. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and a waiting list is available if all slots are filled.

Registration criteria include restrictions on the number of technology entries until October 31, 2023. Starting slot fees are CHF 3,000, with an initial payment of CHF 1,000 required to secure registration. Financial support is available for teams from universities and non-profit organizations. Payment of the full amount of the starting slot fee must be received by 30 April 2024 at the latest; otherwise, the starting slot can be given to a team on the waiting list.

Mandatory checks include TecCheck for devices and MedCheck for pilots. Deadlines for important steps, including registration, payment, and checks, are specified.

To register, teams must create a user profile, complete team registration, and then event registration for CYBATHLON 2024. Official documents, including terms and conditions and competition rules, should be reviewed before registration.

After online registration, CYBATHLON will review the data and arrange a remote meeting to discuss the project and technology with the team.

How to register?

  1. Create a personal user profile. 
  2. Register your team in one of the CYBATHLON disciplines. If you want to register in more than one discipline, please complete one team registration form per discipline (use different team names). 
  3. Register your team for an event

Register here