Celebrating Technological Collaboration and Innovation at munich_i: Highlights from the Hightech Summit, AI.Society, and Robothon®

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What are the risks and benefits of technology in work, health, mobility, and environment? The high-tech platform munich_i, a joint project of automatica, Messe München, and the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI), fosters interdisciplinary cooperation between research and industry. Under the theme of "intelligence empowering tomorrow," munich_i showcased more than 40 presentations, 35 prototypes, 28 guided tours, it helded Robothon® Award Ceremony and provided a stage for renowned pioneers to discuss their ideas and promote technological advancement in service of society at automatica 2023. The next automatica will take place from June 24 to 27, 2025.

automatica, the leading exhibition for automation and robotics in Munich, drew 40,000 visitors from 88 countries to explore innovative solutions for evolving work environments and society. The trade fair featured 650 exhibitors from 34 countries and served as the platform for munich_i, a high-tech collaboration-fostering network. munich_i, a joint project of automatica, Messe München, and the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI), focuses on responsible technological change, shaping the future, and addressing complex challenges. It strengthens Munich's position as a high-tech hub, attracting leading companies and facilitating interdisciplinary cooperation between research and industry. The platform hosted the Hightech Summit, AI.Society special show, and Robothon® - The Grand Challenge, contributing valuable insights, showcasing innovations, and promoting tangible solutions. munich_i is a driving force in AI and robotics, guiding the industry towards future standards and enabling beneficial collaborations for society.

The munich_i Hightech Summit, a prestigious event held at automatica, focused on AI and robotics. Renowned speakers from diverse backgrounds presented and discussed the latest developments, innovations, and ethical considerations in four sessions. Topics included Humans, AI and Robots, Next level Industrial Robots, Quality of life, and Strategy and Business. The summit aimed to explore the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence and promote responsible technological change. The program included a guided tour of the AI.Society exhibition and provided networking opportunities. Organized by the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI), the summit built on the success of previous editions, bringing together global business leaders and scientists to discuss groundbreaking solutions and research findings.

AI.Society at munich_i was a special show that presented 35 prototypes, lighthouse projects, and research initiatives in the fields of work, health, mobility, and environment. Distinguished guests, including Bavarian Minister President Dr. Markus Söder and State Minister Markus Blume, were in attendance, along with other notable officials. The show went beyond technical aspects and featured forums, panel discussions, and presentations that focused on innovative approaches and future scenarios. It explored the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on various aspects of human life, considering practical applications and ethical implications. The show emphasized the significance of shaping this transformation process to create a future that benefits society, highlighting topics such as people-centered work approaches, sustainable mobility solutions, healthcare robotics, and AI's role in environmental protection.

Robothon®- The Grand Challenge, a global robotics competition, held its Award Ceremony at the AI.Society's I_Space Stage during the automatica trade fair. The competition brought together young developers from around the world to address industrial pollution and promote sustainable recycling practices. Teams were recognized and awarded prize money of at least €10,000. This year's competition focused on advanced manipulation skills and required teams to develop hardware and software solutions for autonomously handling electronic waste. The winners of Robothon® 2023 were RoboPig from Germany (1st place), bisCARI from Italy (2nd place), OSCAR from France (3rd place), and TechWi(e)Bot from Austria and REAL Robot from China received honorable mentions.


munich_i directors: Prof. Dr. Ing. Sami Haddadin and Prof. Dr.Alena Buyx