The munich_i Hightech Summit: In person and with a state reception

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The munich_i Hightech Summit is the highlight of the automatica’s support program and will be held on June 22, 2022. Under the theme of ‘intelligence empowering tomorrow’, leading international technology drivers along with pioneers from science and industry will present their innovations, findings, and megatrends regarding the interaction between human and artificial intelligence, and responsible technological change. Minister President Dr. Markus Söder will open the Hightech Summit within the framework of a state reception at the Munich Residenz Palace on the previous evening.

The debut of the newly established hightech platform munich_i during automatica sprint 2021 was a great success: more than 1,400 people alone followed the Hightech Summit with speakers from all over the world. Encouraged by many positive voices from participants, speakers, audience members and colleagues from AI and robotics, we have decided to bring our Summit even to a higher level and organize it as an on-site event on June 22 during automatica, the world's leading marketplace for automated smart production, which will take place in Munich from 21. to 24. June at the premises of Messe München. Prof. Dr. med Alena Buyx and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin are munich_i Directors again and Bavarian Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder will open the Hightech Summit as patron of munich_i a day in advance on June 21 with a State reception in the Residenz München.

As speakers at the Hightech Summit participate:

  • “Robotics and Warehouse Automation: from robotics research to Berkshire Grey”, Prof. Matthew Mason, Chief Scientist at Berkshire Grey
  • “Trustworthy AI and Digital Trust: Trust lies in the eye of the beholder”, Dr. Christoph Peylo, Project Lead at SVP Prj Digital Trust
  • „Probabilistic and Deep Learning approaches for intelligent Robots and Automated Driving”, Prof. Wolfram Burgard, University of Technology Nuremberg
  • “Soft Robotics and the simple complexity of Nature”, Prof. Cecilia Laschi, National University of Singapore

The automatica from Messe München is the leading and largest international trade fair for Smart Automation and Robotics and cooperates with the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI) of the Technical University München (TUM) regarding the One-Day Hightech Summit.

The complete speakers can be found here and more information was published in the press release.

Tickets for the Summit and State reception can be purchased from now on here.