The future of work

The articulation of robotics, robot alike systems, and artificial intelligence in the workplace - with humans as the center of a networked future - is the engine of the next transformation of life and work. The world of work will change permanently through artificial intelligence, as long as it is based on flexible systems that act, learn and communicate for or with people. For example, people no longer have to be on-site for dangerous activities, but control them using intelligent systems.

The Work@MIRMI sector was launched in 2019 as a network within MIRMI - Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, formerly MSRM, to jointly advance in developing solutions to great challenges of our time such as demographic change as well as lack of required numbers of qualified people, climate change, and Europe's global competitiveness.

Our vision: finding useful robotics and AI for work environments

Our vision is to approach the societal and economic urgency of viable solutions for future working environments from the perspective of robotics (including robot alike systems) and artificial intelligence. The scope of considered applications in Work@MIRMI extends from manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture to ser­vice, construction and cleaning, to extreme applications in crisis management.

Our Research Focus: design of co-operative systems, adaptable robots, suitable design

The research focus of work@MIRMI evolves around the following scientific grand challenges:

  • System architecture and modular design including lifecycle phase design.
  • Efficient interaction following a human-centered design and handling of cooperative systems and teams in engineering, operation, and service.
  • Adaptive robots, robot alike systems, and self-X of Robots@Work.
  • Design approach development, evolution, and maintenance of joint data collection and storage.
  • Value-based robotic behavior.

More than 20 chairs from the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Automation, Electrical Engineering, Construction, Geography, Environment, Sports and Health are at the Work@MIRMI sector, and aim to engage in interdisciplinary research, teaching, academia-industry translation activities via Focus Groups and Lighthouse Initiatives.

Lighthouse Initiative KI.FABRIK BAYERN

DeepTech Mechatronics made in Bavaria. A flagship project of the Bavarian High-Tech Agenda

Multifunctional, highly sensitive robots will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to co-work with humans both directly and over long distances. The AI.FACTORY aims to become a fully flexible and networked location for local, crisis-proof and economical production of the most modern IT and mechatronic high-tech components in Bavaria.

Learn more about KI.FABRIK BAYERN

Robotics Demonstrators and Labs at a Glance

Find the complete Academic Robotics Fitness Trail of Work@MIRMI in Demonstrators_and_Labs_of_Work@MIRMI.pdf

Contact for Academic Cooperation

Prof. Dr. Klaus Bengler
Chair of Ergonomics
Work@MIRMI Sector Leader