Submit a contribution and participate in the first Geriatronics Summit


Would you like to discuss with roboticists and AI law specialists technological solutions for the Future of Health? Join the Geriatronics Summit which will be held on June 20 and June 21 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany. Please register to participate and/or submit a contribution before June 08.

The Geriatronics-Summit aims to bring to light the current and envisioned robotics solutions to the following problems:

  • How to address through Geriatronics the increasing shortage and geographic disparities of care providers and the overburdened health care?
  • How robotics and AI can enhance independence, mobility, self-determination, and health for the elderly for as long as possible?
  • What are the rules of autonomy? How to address moral, ethical and cultural, and/or personal challenges and dilemmas for Geriatronics?

Submission Instructions

We invite early-career researchers and the robotics, AI, regulation and Geriatronics community to submit an extended abstract (2 to 3 pages in IEEE Conf format with 2 columns) to with the subject: “[Geriatronics-Summit][Paper Submission] Title of the paper“
We will especially encourage women and young researchers participation, in order to support gender balance in robotics and the promotion of early-career researchers to present themselves to the community.
Best Student Short-Paper Award: We are currently preparing an award for the best extended abstract paper/presentation! Get ready and prepare your best work!

Important Dates

For those who intend to submit a contribution to the Summit

  • Submission Deadline: June 08 (AoE)
  • Notification of Acceptance: June 12
  • Presentation: June 20
  • Geriatronics Summit: June 20 and 21


Geriatronics Summit
Hotel am Badersee
June 20-21
The summit is unfortunately limited to 60 people — including speakers — due to Covid regulations and hotel limitations. Please register as soon as possible: Registration Link.
* Please notice that the event is free of charge! (with exception to the summit dinner)


Invited Speakers (Alphabetical order)

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamim Asfour (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology- KIT)
  • Prof. Dr. oec. Oliver Bendel (FHNW School of Business)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Alena M. Buyx (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Prof. Dr. Lee Bygrave (University of Oslo)
  • Dr. Sylvain Calinon (Idiap Research Institute)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Ebers (University of Tartu / Humboldt University of Berlin)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Peter Wintlev-Jensen (Åbybro, North Jutland)
  • Dr. Matteo Laffranchi (Italian Institute of Technology - IIT)
  • Dr. Tadej Petrič (Jožef Stefan Institute)
  • Prof.  Vera Lúcia Raposo (University of Coimbra)
  • Prof. Adriana Tapus (Institut Polytechnique de Paris - ENSTA Paris)
  • Prof. Jim Tørresen (University of Oslo)


  • Dr Luis F.C. Figueredo (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Dr Abdeldjallil Naceri (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Ebers (University of Tartu / Humboldt University of Berlin)
  • Dr. Stephan Thiel (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Susanne Plott (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Dr. Maria Danninger (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
  • Magdalena Buch (Technical University of Munich - TUM)


Geriatronics Summit Agenda and more information is available at: