Industry Advisory Board meeting was a great success!

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On April 7, 2022, the biannual meeting of the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) with the Science Board took place in the interim premises of MIRMI at Georg-Brauchle-Ring. A total of over 30 participants from industry and the MIRMI community learned about the MIRMI highlights of the past 6 months, the concepts for new "Innovation Sectors" in the field of Environment and Mobility in MIRMI as well as the latest technological and political developments in the field.

Continental representatives Gilles Mabire and Corina Apachite presenting AI Challenges on the Future Work and Mobility. Picture: Dayana Ramirez / TUM / MIRMI
Break-out session discussion during the IAB. Picture: Dayana Ramirez / TUM / MIRMI
MIRMI presents robotics and artificial intelligence demonstrations to IAB participants at its facility in Georg-Brauchle-Ring, Munich. Picture: Dayana Ramirez / TUM / MIRMI

One of the highlights this time were the breakout sessions on 3 different focus topics, which for the first time also included PhD students: "Physics Informed Machine Learning", "Safe and Trustworthy Human Robot Systems" and "Collective Mobile Systems, Mobile Robot Intelligence". Stimulated by demos and short impulses, the small groups of about 10 participants per session got into crisp and intense bilateral exchanges - something that all participants had wished for more in the past.

Another new feature this time was that, in addition to MIRMI and its scientists, Industry Advisory Board members were also invited to address the audience. Thus, SAP (Franz Hero) and Continental (Gilles Mabire and Corina Apachite) presented their challenges in the area of Future of Work and Future of Mobility. The clear message: Against the backdrop of disturbed supply chains in the pandemics and megatrends such as Sustainable Development and Digitization, there are a number of technological challenges and diverse use cases that MIRMI can and should help solve with its versatile expertise!