MSRM Kickoff Workshop

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Nearly 50 TUM professors planning the future of perception, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

The MSRM Kickoff Workshop was held on March 15th in the lecture halls of MSRM. Nearly 50 TUM professor, representing seven faculties (including Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Architecture, TUM School of Medicine, TUM School of Governance, and Sport and Health Sciences), joined to discuss the future of MSRM research.

This event was also attended by Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, president of TUM; Prof. Edward G. Krubasik, previous CTO of Siemens; Peter Henningsen, Dean of TUM Medical School; Prof. Markus Schwaiger, Director of MRI; and Prof. Gerd Hirzinger, former Director of DLR Robotics and Mechatronics Center.

The event's full agenda:  

Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann - Welcome and Introduction

Prof. Sami Haddadin - MSRM Vision & Mission Statement

Prof. Sami Haddadin - Concept Overview

Prof. Alois Knoll - Video Message from Silicon Valley

Prof. Edward G. Krubasik - Industrial Advisory Board

Dr. Ulrich Marsch - PR Konzept MSRM

Matthias Kruppa - MSRM Building Renovation

---MSRM Research---

Prof. Eckehard Steinbach - Perception

Prof. Tim Lüth - Robotics

Prof. Klaus Diepold - AI

---Discussion + Break---

Prof. Massimo Fornasier - Skype Message from Prof. Fornasier from Italy

Prof. Daniel Cremers - Skype Message from Prof. Cremers from NYC

Prof. Nassir Navab - Health

Prof. Klaus Bengler - Work

Prof. Markus Lienkamp - Mobility

---Current MSRM Initiatives (Examples)---

Prof. David Franklin - Focus Group Human Digital Twin

Prof. Alena M. Buyx - Focus Group Ethics-Embodied AI & Robotics

Prof. Peter Henningsen - Center for Medical Machine Intelligence

Prof. Sami Haddadin - Concluding remarks and future expectations