IROS 2023 in Detroit: MIRMI Represented with 38 Papers and five Workshops

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MIRMI researchers’ contributions to “The Next Generation of Robotics”, the theme of IROS 2023, are broad. At this year's Robotics Forum, 18 MIRMI Principal Investigators and their teams are organizing five workshops and presenting 38 research papers. A comprehensive list of these papers and workshops is available here.

Workshops will happen on the 1st and 5th of October. Their topics range from formal methods of robotics design and control, Multi-Agent Dynamic Games, and machine learning for object grasping to concrete robotics and AI solutions for health and well-being, and the factory of the future.

IROS papers reflect the interdisciplinary work undertaken by MIRMI PIs. These papers include “The ILIAD Safety Stack: Human-Aware, Infrastructure-Free Navigation of Industrial Mobile Robots (I)” by Prof. Achim Lilienthal, Prof. Haddadin and team, and “Determination of the Characteristics of Gears of Robot-Like Systems by Analytical Description of Their Structure” by Prof. Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Prof. Markus Zimmermann, and Prof. Karsten Stahl, and team. Additionally, MIRMI members are joining workshops co-organized by their colleagues. Prof. Angela Schoellig will deliver a presentation as part of the workshop on the design and control of robotic systems, while Prof. Alin Albu-Schaeffer will present in the Geriatronics AI workshop.

This is the list of workshops and papers contributed by MIRMI – TUM researchers.

Papers PIs
Model Predictive Control Applied to Different Time-Scale Dynamics of Flexible Joint Robots Albu-Schäffer, Alin
 Embodying Quasi-Passive Modal Trotting and Pronking in a Sagittal Quadruped Albu-Schäffer, Alin
CLiFF-LHMP: Using Spatial Dynamics Patterns for Long-Term Human Motion Prediction Lilienthal, Achim
The ILIAD Safety Stack: Human-Aware, Infrastructure-Free Navigation of Industrial Mobile Robots (I) Lilienthal, Achim, Haddadin, Sami
Does Unpredictability Influence Driving Behavior? Schoellig, Angela
Uncertainty-Aware Gaussian Mixture Model for UWB Time Difference of Arrival Localization in Cluttered Environments Schoellig, Angela
Determination of the Characteristics of Gears of Robot-Like Systems by Analytical Description of Their Structure Vogel-Heuser, Birgit, Zimmermann, Markus, Stahl, Karsten
A Distributed Framework for Knowledge-Driven Root-Cause Analysis on Evolving Alarm Data – an Industrial Case Study Vogel-Heuser, Birgit
Smooth Stride Length Change of Rat Robot with a Compliant Actuated Spine Based on CPG Controller Knoll, Alois
An Energy-Efficient Lane-Keeping System Using 3D LiDAR Based on Spiking Neural Network Knoll, Alois
Contact-Aware Shaping and Maintenance of Deformable Linear Objects with Fixtures Knoll, Alois
Learning from Symmetry: Meta-Reinforcement Learning with Symmetrical Behaviors and Language Instructions Knoll, Alois
Robust Point Cloud Registration with Geometry-Based Transformation Invariant Descriptor Knoll, Alois
Feature-Based Electromagnetic Tracking Registration Using Bioelectric Sensing Navab, Nassir
Motion Magnification in Robotic Sonography: Enabling Pulsation-Aware Artery Segmentation Navab, Nassir
Thoracic Cartilage Ultrasound-CT Registration Using Dense Skeleton Graph Navab, Nassir
Comparing Quadrotor Control Policies for Zero-Shot Reinforcement Learning under Uncertainty and Partial Observability Diepold, Klaus
Offline Reinforcement Learning for Quadrotor Control: Overcoming the Ground Effect Diepold, Klaus
Dynamic Multi-Query Motion Planning with Differential Constraints and Moving Goals Steinbach, Eckehard
Haptic Dataset Augmentation with Subjective QoE Labels Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network Steinbach, Eckehard
SCTOMP: Spatially Constrained Time-Optimal Motion Planning Ryll, Markus
Real-Time Neural MPC: Deep Learning Model Predictive Control for Quadrotors and Agile Robotic Platforms Ryll, Markus
Incremental Dense Reconstruction from Monocular Video with Guided Sparse Feature Volume Fusion Leutenegger, Stefan
Accurate and Interactive Visual-Inertial Sensor Calibration with Next-Best-View and Next-Best-Trajectory Suggestion Leutenegger, Stefan
BodySLAM++: Fast and Tightly-Coupled Visual-Inertial Camera and Human Motion Tracking Leutenegger, Stefan
GloPro: Globally-Consistent Uncertainty-Aware 3D Human Pose Estimation & Tracking in the Wild Leutenegger, Stefan
A Stable Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for Estimating Robot Manipulators Link Velocity and Acceleration Haddadin, Sami
Labelling Lightweight Robot Energy Consumption: A Mechatronics-Based Benchmarking Metric Set Haddadin, Sami
A Wearable Force-Sensitive and Body-Aware Exoprosthesis for a Transhumeral Prosthesis Socket (I) Haddadin, Sami
Towards Connecting Control to Perception: High-Performance Whole-Body Collision Avoidance Using Control-Compatible Obstacles Haddadin, Sami
I2mpedance - a Passivity Based Integrative Impedance Controller for Precise and Compliant Manipulation and Interaction Haddadin, Sami
Contact-Aware Shaping and Maintenance of Deformable Linear Objects with Fixtures Haddadin, Sami
Towards Flexible Biolaboratory Automation: Container Taxonomy-Based, 3D-Printed Gripper Fingers Haddadin, Sami
Automatic Gripper-Finger Design, Production and Application: Towards Fast and Cost Effective Small Batch Production (I) Haddadin, Sami
Shared Autonomy Control for Slosh-Free Teleoperation Haddadin, Sami
Flexible Gear Assembly with Visual Servoing and Force Feedback Caccamo, Marco
Estimating the Loss of Effectiveness of UAV Actuators in the Presence of Aerodynamic Effects Holzapfel, Florian
Self-Supervised Category-Level 6D Object Pose Estimation with Optical Flow Consistency Tombari, Federico