Hanover Fair

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Merkel and Altmaier visit MSRM at hannoverfair

From 01.04. - 05.04. MSRM was represented with two stands at the Hanover Fair. The Collective Learning Demo - already shown at the MSRM-Opening - could be seen at the booth of Franka Emika and their industry partners. Visitors could experience the telepresence function for themselves and remotely control the robots in Munich from Hanover. A new show-case was shown at the Microsoft booth, where the well-known peg-in-hole task could not only be performed tactilely, but also via additional image processing, independent of the drilling position.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier visited the MSRM on 01.04. and 02.04. respectively and were explained the respective demos by Prof. Haddadin and our colleague Lars Johannsmeier.

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