Bavarian AI Council: Sami Haddadin remains Chairman

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Sami Haddadin, Director of the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI) and Professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), will continue his role as Chairman of the Bavarian AI Council for the next five years. The core task of the committee, consisting of 21 experts from universities, non-university research, and the business sector, is to promote Artificial Intelligence (AI) 'at all levels of society, the economy, and the state.'

In late 2020, the Bavarian State Government established the Bavarian AI Council to expand the Bavarian AI network 'baiosphere' and advance AI activities. Now, Minister of Science Markus Blume has reappointed robotics and AI researcher Sami Haddadin from TUM as the Chairman of the AI Council for another five years.

Artificial Intelligence: From Strategy to Practice

The AI Council and the AI Agency work hand in hand in developing the baiosphere. The AI Council initiates strategies and measures to mobilize scientific and economic potential in the field of AI. The Bavarian AI Agency is responsible for location marketing and, together with the AI Council, promotes network partners and concrete projects.

Impulses for munich_i, Bavarian Health Cloud, and working groups on the AI Act and generative AI

The AI Council has already initiated some groundbreaking projects. Recently, the 'Hightech Abtei Speinshart' in the Upper Palatinate was set in motion through a project study by the AI Council. The concept of 'munich_i' was created, introducing a novel HighTech and HighScience trade fair format integrated into the world's largest robotics fair, Automatica, with the AI Council contributing high-profile discussion panels. Another successful project initiated by the AI Council was the Bavarian Health Cloud, aiming to make valuable medical data from Bavaria available for research. Currently, various working groups have been established on widely discussed AI topics such as the European AI Act and generative AI to strategically advise the state government. Further information can be found on the website of the Bavarian AI network baiosphere.

Prof. Alena Buyx and Prof. Alin Albu-Schäffer from MIRMI are also members of the AI Council

The AI Council consists of 21 experts from universities, non-university research, and the business sector. Representing TUM alongside Sami Haddadin are ethics researcher Prof. Alena Buyx and robotics researcher Prof. Alin Albu-Schäffer, both of whom are also active in MIRMI, as well as systems biologist Prof. Fabian Theis.