Irene Bruckmeier, awarded 2nd place in Physics at the Jugend Forscht Regional Competition of Munich West in 2021, won the first edition of the Robotics & AI Internship organized by MIRMI and Franka Emika as a special prize for her project in Robotics ‘Control and stabilization of a two-wheeled LEGO robot with Simulink’ (original title: Regelung und Stabilisierung eines zweirädrigen LEGO-Roboters mit Simulink). This one-week internship covered theoretical and hands-on tasks in Robotics, from actuators and sensors, robotics control, collaborative (lightweight) robotics, mobile robots, MedTech…

Students from the Bayerische EliteAkademie visited two MSRM labs located at Heßstraße 134 in Munich. They learned about embodied AI and discussed with experienced researchers the opportunities that human-centered robotics and AI will open to their future career paths.

Are you an elite robotics student? Join the Advanced Technologies for Designing Robotics Systems – Elite Summer School. This is a sponsored two-week international summer school in Denmark with other highly talented students from around the world.

“The Era of Human-Robot Collaboration”

“Mobile Systems for Air Pollution Monitoring at Different Scales and Levels of Autonomy”

“Fast and Fine On-Chip Manipulation”

AI, Law, and Agency in the Age of Machine Learning

MINT Akademie

Vom 08. bis 12.07.19 hat die MSRM Schülern der MINT-Akademie mit einem eigenem Lehrmodul die Lösung komplexer Problemstellungen mit Hilfe von Roboterarmen näher gebracht. Die einwöchige Veranstaltung fand im Schülerforschungszentrum in Berchtesgaden statt und gab Schülern aus dem Umland inklusive Österreich die Möglichkeit sich mit verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen und Ingenieurstechnischen Bereichen, wie Genetik, Biologie, Chemie, Physik, Geologie, Mathematik, Robotik oder Informatik auseinanderzusetzen. Die beiden Schülergruppen im Bereich Robotik hatten jeweils die Aufgabe Limonade und…

„Robot control under impact“

"Energy Aware Robotics, from Modelling to Control, from touching to flying"

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