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The MSRM-Vodafone Joint Workshop on Teleoperation opens the door to new collaborations


In the context of telerobotics, representatives from Vodafone and MSRM (new MIRMI: Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence) discussed robotics and AI applications, where the 5G network has great potential for technological development. The workshop covered focal points such as assistive and medical robotics, environmental robotics, robotics for the factory of the future as well as learning systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).

During the hybrid workshop, which took place at the MSRM location in Heßstrasse in Munich, Vodafone presented how the cooperation with MSRM has developed over the next few years. And MSRM gave a general overview of the institute's research. This information served as a basis for discussing future cooperations between the two organizations. Both sides benefit from the cooperation because, on the one hand, Vodafone can test and improve the 5G network with state-of-the-art robotics applications, and on the other hand, MSRM can get feedback from the industry to create disruptive technologies and test their robots and algorithms in a real environment while having a human-centered approach embedded into the development process.

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