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Encouraging women to take up a digital profession in the future at the BayFid Kick-Off for Batch 3


BayFiD – Bayerns Frauen in Digitalberufen is the initiative of the Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs, Judith Gerlach. The initiative aims to establish a network of female digital professionals, where those who already have a successful career can help young women to achieve the same. This year´s event on the 21st of September 2021 was the Kick-off Event of the third generation of young women talents, the so-called Batch3, and the overall topic was “Artificial Intelligence”. To that end, some Members of the Bavarian AI Council were invited to speak in a panel discussion with Minister Gerlach and Ms. Formica-Schiller from the KI-Bundesverband.

The topic of the panel discussion was “Artificial intelligence - the Bavarian boost! With trust and responsibility”. The invited speakers from the Bavarian AI Council were Prof. Sami Haddadin (TUM), Dr. Wieland Holfelder (Google), and Dr. Anna Bauer-Mehren (Roche). Together, the Discussion partners talked about the potentials of AI and why our data is so crucial for AI researchers. Also, they discussed the fears of most people regarding AI and explained why it is not possible e.g. for Alexa to know more about us than we do.  

BayFiD not only supports young women who already have or aspire to have a digital profession but also aims to encourage more women to take up a digital profession in the future. Therefore the initiative connects young women with already established women and male professionals from different industry and academia areas, who are all working in a digital environment/field and can thereby provide important suggestions and learnings for the young female “digital professionals to be”. BayFiD is under the patronage of the Bavarian Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder.

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