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TUM participates in global, open-source AI Alliance

Powerful artificial intelligence (AI) as open source: This is the core objective of the AI Alliance initiated by the software companies IBM and Meta. It has been joined by more than 50 globally active companies, institutions, and universities, including the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the University of California (Berkeley), the Yale University and ETH Zurich. Specific cooperation projects are intended to make AI transparent, demystify it and make it accessible to everyone.

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Top 10: Highlights of the Robotics Year 2023

KI.Fabrik introduced, Robotics Graduate Program launched, demos showcased at Automatica, and AI experimentation space approved: 2023 reveals the potential embedded in robotics for the region and beyond.

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New Call for MIRMI Seed Funds – Deadline 01. March 2024

The MIRMI Seed-Funding initiative aims to stimulate new ideas and foster cutting edge research proposals. We can proudly announce that since establishing the seed funds in 2022 the MIRMI Science Advisory Board choose 10 project ideas to get funding. In the external review process a selected group of leaders and scientists in the field of robotics and machine intelligence choose three proposals in the first round to receive funding, 4 in the second round and 3 in the third round. For the upcoming call MIRMI can provide funding to support the kick-start of even more collaborative projects…

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Artificial intelligence makes gripping more intuitive

Artificial hands can be operated via app or with sensors placed in the muscles of the forearm. New research at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) shows: a better understanding of muscle activity patterns in the forearm supports a more intuitive and natural control of artificial limbs. This requires a network of 128 sensors and artificial intelligence based techniques.

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Prostheses imitate human muscular system and reduce contact wrench via a wearable exoskeleton

MIRMI researchers have presented two new revolutionary concepts for upper-limb prostheses. The researchers developed a prosthesis which recreates the mechanical behavior of the human neuromuscular system in terms of stiffness characteristics, natural motion, and tactile sensing capabilities. These features are combined in a small-size and sophisticated device, the Artificial Neuromuscular Prosthesis (ANP), combining the latest insights from human motor control and robotics. They also developed a solution for mitigating the high forces and moments between the residual limb and the prosthesis:…

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Students demonstrate innovation power: Impressive highlights at the #CircularHackfest in robotics and AI

The #CircularHackfest, created by robo.innovate, just wrapped up its exciting journey. Around 100 students engaged in a dynamic week from November 10 to 17 to tackle their challenge. With the help of numerous mentors from various industry partners, start-ups, MakerSpace and TUM Venture Labs, first prototypes and possible business models were developed from ideas in impressive teamwork. The teams presented their extraordinary solutions to a top-class jury in front of almost 250 guests during the Hack N Talk event . Notable winners, like Oriens Dönergrill and Chef++, garnered recognition for…

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The Labs of MITI: Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Medical Robotics

From the laboratory straight to the clinic: That is the goal of the developments of the research group for minimal-invasive interdisciplinary therapeutic intervention, abbreviated as MITI, affiliated with the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich. Currently, more than 20 researchers from technology and medicine are working on intelligent robots and devices for the operating room of the future.

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EnviroBotics: €400,000 for Innovative Educational Project in Robotics

"Exploratory Learning" is at the core of the educational project "EnviroBotics," which will be supported with €400,000 over the next two years by the Foundation for Innovation in Higher Education. The idea was developed by a research team led by environmental roboticist Daniel Dücker from the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

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Individual back training machine developed

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in cooperation with partner companies have developed a device to provide back muscle training. With the GyroTrainer, back strengthening exercises are adapted to the strength and ability of the individual user.

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Inspecting ships: New project launched in the Smart Robotics Lab

In mid-October 2023, partners for the EU-funded research project AUTOASSESS (Autonomous aerial inspection of GNSS-denied and confined critical infrastructures), which received nine million euros in funding, gathered for their kickoff in Copenhagen. Prof. Stefan Leutenegger and his Smart Robotics Lab were there representing the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with a budget of approximately 1.1 million euros.