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"I envision to bring Germany into the Gigabit society. This Gigabit society is a highly connected, optimistic vision of the future, where technology supports and serves people to live better lives".
Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter | CEO | Vodafone GmbH at the Hightech Summit  of munich_i


The long-standing strategic partnership between the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, MIRMI and Vodafone Germany exists since 2018. The 5G network is necessary to make applications in robotics such as Industry 4.0 a reality. Vodafone and MIRMI are exploring and showing the world the possibilities that real-time data transmission opens through the 5G network. Our cooperation includes the regular support with robots and telepresence applications to the development of new demos and showcases organized by Vodafone.

Selected events with the involvement of Vodafone and MIRMI


16. July 2021 - 18. September 2022

Visitors can experience the emergence, present, and future of robotics and AI at the KI.Robotik.Design. Vodafone acts as a technological partner of the KI.Robotik.Design exhibition and provides routers and repeaters for use in the exhibition area at the Pinakothek der Moderne Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum. In the future, the painting robot showcase will also be shown in the accompanying program of the exhibition. Due to Corona, the date for this is not yet foreseeable.

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"5G – booster for the smart factory"

22. - 24. June 2021

The digital Hightech Summit of munich_i brought together international experts to give an outlook on the smart connected factory of the future. Augmented reality for technicians, autonomous robots in production, remote-controlled machines on the factory premises - the future of industry is smart and fully connected. This requires data exchange in real time, high bandwidths, maximum flexibility and secure networks. 5G is the booster technology for the evolution of industry - from medium-sized companies to large corporations, explained Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone during the event.

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Artist draws portraits with 5G technology

10. December 2020

Vodafone equipped a robot from the Munich manufacturer Franka Emika with 5G technology and connected it to motion-capturing suit worn by the artist Shev Lunatic. She drew portraits of the guests, including Elon Musk and Hannes Ametsreiter, without being present at the event.

The artist was able to draw the portrait remotely thanks to the combination of of innovative robotics, motion capturing technology, Vodafone 5G network, and a team of several experienced scientists from TUM, Vodafone and Charamel. Vodafone 5G network transmited the artist's movement data to the robot in real time. And the 5G robot translated the movement data into a work of art on the screen. 5G aims to become a mobile communication standard for further applications such as IoT, autonomous vehicles, or Industry 4.0., where, in theory, a user with 5G can remotely control several machines at the same time and at different locations.

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In Industry 4.0, 5G will fundamentally change and simplify existing processes. Machines communicate with one another in real time and interact with people. In its 5G lab, Vodafone already had autonomously driving robots bring the required materials to the workplace on request. Thanks to the new flexibility and learning ability, robots could revolutionize entire branches of industry and service areas, for example also in care. Likewise, people could empathize with robots using modern virtual reality technology. The enormous bandwidth of 5G makes it possible. And: With 5G, robots get the “seventh sense”. The keyword is “tactile internet”.

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Recent conferences/papers facilitated by the generous support and technological partnership of Vodafone Germany